Interview with Alexandra at the 1998 French Open (in babelfish english)


2/6 1/6

Q Was the wind a big problem today?

R. Yes, there was much wind. It was awkward. That disturbed me. That obstructed me. I think that makes some, it was more tension, a whole, which made that the external conditions obstructed me. I think that I would have been tended, more open on the match. I think that I would have managed the wind much better.

Q. You said the last time that you had managed to manage a little the pressure compared to some of your small girlfriends. Is this the exchange, SANCHEZ?

R. I think that it is the exchange. I think that there is the exchange. However, it is a court like another. I have evil. On the exchange, it is impressive. I did not succeed in returning in the match. My blows did not leave, my service. These was a little the my defects which arose. From there, it was difficult. I apprehended the exchange.

Q One had the impression that you tested, as opposed to what you made lately, namely to go towards the net, to attack, to take it with its own play while trying to overflow it of the bottom of short. Wasn't this dangerous? It was the tension?

R. I returned in his play. I remained a little too at the bottom of short, I had occasions, short balls. I did not go there when it was necessary. The tension makes that there is a lack of clearness behind. I tried to go forwards but I lost a little clearness.

Q You had a problem particular to the service or it is the unit, which you have just told, who explain your little of success?

R. I did not have any problem since I served other during the days very well. There was the wind, the tension. But I gave many points. If the match is looked at, the first play represents much the match. I make four direct faults, including two double faults. From that moment, I left, I did not succeed with... That reflects the match. From time to time, I make tricks badly not and afterwards, I do many faults. I made it much run. I thought of playing not badly in center for then drawing aside it.