Interview of Alexandra FUSED:
Alexandra, do you know Internet?
Not yet, but I will start to it. I have just gained a computer in a tournament and that interests me much. Alexia DECHAUME all the time uses it in its voyages. It is practical to communicate when one travels much like us. It is necessary that I buy myself a modem, and I will be able to connect myself to Internet.
I also know that Nathalie (TAUZIAT) always takes along her computer on a journey.
And site FFT, do you know it?
Not, I wanted to precisely look at it, I know that Jean-Philippe (FLEURIAN) works much with you.
To speak about EDF CUP, how feel you this new team, with the return of Julie and the arrival of Amélie. Do you believe it able to move the Swiss mountains?
Amélie and Julie play very, very well. Amélie beat this season DAVENPORT, NOVOTNA. It proved its great form during all the week of preparation. And Julie, it, has very powerful blows, it can put the Swiss ones in difficulty.
You would have liked to play into simple?
Yes, it is true that I had also good results, I beat 4 girls classified in 20 the better world ones. Yannick made the best choice, one is à.fond behind Julie and Amélie.

Remarks collected by Cecile Caradec