Alexandra Fusai: " A page is turned " Alexandra Fusai: " If it had been said to me that I would carry out such a career, I would have signed immediately ". © FFT

A soon 30 years, Alexandra Fusai recently put (in April) a term at her career to devote itself to her future child. Victorious last year of the championships of France by teams with Racing Club of France, it reconsiders the failure of " its " club (eliminated by Taverny in quarterfinals). She reveals also her future, without forgetting to briefly recall her career.

What inspires the early elimination of Racing to you Club of France?
A page is turned. The former players, Nathalie Tauziat, Sarah Pitkowski and myself stopped playing. The young people try to take over but it is necessary to leave time to the team to reform itself. It lack can be currently a girl with the top of the batch, able to assume a role of leader. Stéphanie Cohen-Aloro can be this one. She is still young but a hard core can be formed around her. The team will be rebuilt. I am persuaded that in a few years, the RCF will become again a large team.

In what concerns you, you decided to put a final term at your career?
Yes, my decision is taken. I disputed my last tournament in April. My decision is maturely considered since I made this choice before even being pregnant. My only regret is not to have been able to take part in Roland-Garros this year but unfortunately my belly prohibited it to me! I will be 30 years old. I want from now on to pass to another thing and to devote me entirely to my family.

" The TCP is the team best armed "

And if you must take short stock of your career?
Tennis gave me much. I lived my more beautiful joys there the more so as on the level of the results, I was filled: 37th world into simple and 6th in double, it is nothing. I played of the great meetings in particular by gaining the EDF Cup with Yannick Noah as captain. If it had been said to me that I would carry out such a career, I would have signed immediately.

And how do you consider your after career?
For the moment, I am a President of the association of the French players (Pro It Tennis). One works much in relation to the Federation. Association has several projects concerning female tennis like the reconversion according to career for the players in the dead end. It is justifying, exactly the kind of challenge which interests me. Though it arrives, my future is registered in tennis.

A forecast for the final victory?
The T.C. Paris seems to me the team best armed. It should go to the end.

(Remarks collected by Guillaume Botton in Toulouse)